We here at TLC ACRES a few years ago saw a need for dogs that could work for people with health issues and PTSD disorders. Some of our Veterans coming back from overseas needed help getting back into the mainstream of life.

From that time on we started breeding dogs that had a need to be with people and less in the field to hunt and work all day. Disposition and temperament have always been high on our list of qualities for our dogs along with health issues. So it became a very easy transition for our dogs.

We then started looking for help with locating qualified organizations that had the contacts for people in need of a good dog that could help them make life easier with their everyday goals.

The American Legion Post 269 Auxiliary in Haslett Mi became that contact for us and we have been working ever since to supply these men and women with dogs that they can use for public use.

Most of our work is with Veterans but we also have placed dogs in homes with children that for one reason or another need a dog that can help them also. We have a child with Hurlers Disease– Autistic Hearing–Teenager being bullied in School and a dentist with a dog that goes to work in his office and comforts the people getting work done.

We raise some of our dogs here at TLC ACRES and also take in teenage dogs that need a home and are trainable for our clients. We work with several different breeds of dogs but prefer the Labrador Retriever– Standard Poodle– Golden Retriever but will work with any dog with a personality that is conducive to the general public.

We try to place our dogs from the age of 1 to 3 years of age. Homes must meet our qualifications and home standards. All dogs once placed are monitored for life of the dog and the person it is placed with. If at any time the dog does not work for the individual we will take it back.

Our dogs are trained here at TLC ACRES and we also use the Ionia Prison Program MRI facility with the Inmates being taught how to train our dogs for Service work. This program in the prison is a WIN-WIN situation for all involved. It gives the inmates self-worth and they learn to care for something else in life. Maybe something they have never done before. They also see how an animal can give back and that is something that they might have never had given to them in their lifetime. We help monitor the training several times a week and give instruction on what we hope each dog will learn to do. After completion and graduation from the Prison, our dogs start working on the streets and local Malls with our trainers advancing their skills in normal everyday life in the public.

FEES: Our fees are determined by each dog and candidate we encounter. Each dog is different and each person’s needs and requirements are different.

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