All three dogs are related with three families as owners


2015 – A Message from Ruthie’s Family



What Carter and I see every day is the care you put into your dogs – this puppy is just a joy in so many ways.
Thank you so much for going the extra mile! Love from us all!!!!

2015 – A Message from Walter

Wally on Boat

Dear aunt Jackie, 
Just wanted to send some update photos. Let me know if you get sick of seeing my laziness documented so much.

I really love taking rides on the pontoon. Who would have thought! The first pic is of me just laying on the boat. I often sun bathe on it while everyone else runs around doing stuff. I can rest my head and let the sniffs just roll on by. Last pic is me at my second home up north. The furniture is a lot smaller up there but I have it all figured out!! I may come and visit this summer just to say howdy and show you how great I am doing.

Wally on the Couch


April 2015 – A Message from Kirby

Thank you for visiting with me today when I stopped by to tell you about Kirby, our yellow lab who will be 13 years old on June 2nd.

You asked me who his parents were and we looked it up when we got home. The sire was Duncan and the dam was Zoey. They must have had great genes. Kirby is a terrific dog. We’re glad we came to you when we were looking for a lab.

Thanks Again!

Jane and Rick Church (and Kirby)

A message from the Trapp family


In his younger years he was known as Angus and when he was adopted  by the Trapp family he became their “Gus”. Much loved by us all and will be sadly missed by all that knew this wonderful guy.

A message from Zelda, (2013)

Dear Mom,

It has been a while. I am now 8 and again in Florida where I walk with brother Max almost every day. My Dad is forever thankful for finding me; he has had some health issues and I am always by his side when he is not feeling well. So he says a special Hello & Thanks to you.
I am attaching two really good pictures of me sitting in the sun not too long ago. I am doing real well with no health issues so far, just a little more gray hair! I miss you and stay warm.
Zelda & my Dad

A message from Jess,
Jess molded into our family from the beginning.
She has turned out to be an AWESOME hunting dog. She made a 135 retrieves. She has great patience, an unbelievable nose, and intelligence which has made training her almost simple.
She is the love of our boys lives and she is turning into a beautiful dog, looking more like her dad with size. Although she favors Mom in the eyes.
Just wanted to let you know how proud we are of her, she is an all around good girl!

Thank You!
The Rowlands